At the Theatre

Welcome to your 4- At the Theatre

1- Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for your ....... of our performance.
2- We have done this play many times in different towns but your ....... has been the greatest so far.
3- We will always remember the way you stood up and ....... at some of the speeches in the play.
4- Our leading actor is unable to come on the stage at the moment because he is ....... with emotion.
5- Don't worry I'm sure it's only ....... and that he'll soon recover before the next performance.
6- That is the reason why I am standing here and making this short ........
7- The leading lady is also absent from our stage and you can probably hear her ....... her heart out as I speak.
8- I think that the main ....... for all this emotion is probably the way you have reacted to the play.
9- You see throughout our ....... season we have never received so much laughter as we have from you.
10- Q10 The reason for this is possibly that you thought it was a ....... but in fact it is a tragedy.

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