Conditional 3

Welcome to your Conditional 3

1. If I had known that you were in hospital, I ___ (visit) you.
2. If you ___ (arrive) ten minutes earlier you would have got a seat.
3. You would have seen my garden at its best if you ___ (be) here last week.
4. I shouldn't have believed it if I ___ (not see) it with my own eyes.
5. If I ___ (have) a map I would have been all right.
6. If I ___ (know) that you were coming, I'd have baked a cake.
7. If you had told me that he never paid his debts, I ___ (not lend) him the money.
8. If he had known that the river was dangerous, he ___ (not try) to swim across it.
9. If he had known the whole story, he ___ (not be) so angry.
10. If I ___ (try) again, I think that I would have succeeded.

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