Contracts and Agreements

Welcome to your 7- Contracts and Agreements

1- The contract was signed by the three partners who thus agreed to ....... by terms and conditions contained in it.
2- There was nothing in the contract that ....... who would be responsible in the event that one of the partners became seriously ill.
3- An independent adviser was called in after the collapse of the company to ....... some of the issues that were not clear.
4- One of the ....... mentioned in the original agreement has decided that she does not want to continue with the profit-sharing scheme.
5- In view of the serious problems associated with the takeover the newspaper company has decided to ....... its offer of financial help.
6- The main problem was that the newly formed organisation was not attracting enough work and so they decided to ....... the services of a public relations expert.
7- That company has been in business for over 100 years and in fact was ....... in 1899.
8- After the complaint had been received from the customer about poor service, she was given a written ....... that the matter would be put right.
9- They were very careful to make sure in the original agreement that ....... would be made to pay for staff redundancies.
10- We decided to employ a solicitor who would be able to ....... the extent of our liability in this matter.

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