Debts and Loans

Welcome to your 9- Debts and Loans

1- Going on a spending ....... with your credit card and no concern about how you pay back the money you borrow, is a growing habit these days.
2- There is a popular demand for the system that allows credit companies to offer unlimited credit to young people to be ........
3- It has been ....... by a government agency that the percentage of under 25 year olds owing large sums to companies is on the increase.
4- One director of a major credit company has already been forced to ....... because of the bad publicity his company has attracted.
5- One solution that has been suggested to control credit is to ....... the regulations to make it more difficult to get credit in the first place.
6- The main problem is that a debt ....... has developed recently believing that it is cool to owe large sums of money.
7- Recent reports have ....... that being in debt is not now looked upon as a disgrace but rather as an attractive way of life.
8- In reality it's a very long ....... to get from owing to paying off all your debts.
9- There are frequently ....... in the family home between parents and children about whether you should enter into credit agreements.
10- What concerns people most are the mounting ....... among governments that it will take at least a generation for us to be rid of excessive debt.

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