Past Perfect

To Check your understanding of the Past Perfect, take this quiz. Do not hesitate to ask questions, and if you have special requests, please contact us by sending us an email to or call us on for more information about our English classes.

Write the correct form of the verb in the parentheses:

1. She (leave) __________________ for work before the children (get) _______________ home from school.
2. Jill (phone) _______________ Dad at work before she (leave) ____________ for her trip.
3. Susan (turn on) ______________ the radio after she (wash) ____________ the dishes.
4. When she (arrive) ­­­­___________, the match already (start) _____________.
5. After the man (come)_________________ home, he (feed) _______________ the cat.
6. Before he (sing) ______________ a song he (play) ____________ the guitar.
7. She (watch) _______________ a video after the children (go) _____________ to bed.
8. After Eric (make) ________________breakfast, he (phone) ______________ his friend.
9. I (be) _____________ very tired because I (study) _______________ too much.
10. They (ride) ____________ their bikes before they (meet) ______________ their friends.
11. When they (sleep) ______________ thieves (break) ______________ in and (steal) ______________ their paintings.
12. After he (repair) ______________ his bike he (drive) ______________ to his grandparents.
13. Before she (have) ______________ dinner she (work) ______________ in the garden.
14. I (see) ______________ him yesterday in front of the cinema.
15. He (not visit) ______________ me before he (fly) ______________ to Greece.
16. He (hear) ___________ a loud cry from outside and (rush) ____________ out.
17. We (not play) ______________ chess last Sunday.
18. He (go) ______________ shopping after he (phone) ______________ me.

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