Past Simple and Past Progressive

To Check your understanding of the Past Simple and Past Progressive, take this quiz. Do not hesitate to ask questions, and if you have special requests, please contact us by sending us an email to or call us on for more information about our English classes.

Write the correct form of the verb in the parentheses:

1. I (live) ______________ in Seattle for five years.
2. ..... his mother (do) _______ the washing-up.
3. Last month I decided to buy a new car, and today I finally (buy) __________ it.
4. When I (clean) ______________ the house, .....
5. I (find) ___________ some old love letters.
6. I (stop) ____________ because the car was making a funny noise.
7. I (come) ___________ to see her twice, but she wasn’t home.
8. Robin Hood was a character who (steal) ____________ from the rich and gave to the poor.
9. (You, have) ______________ a good time in Brazil? Yes, I had a blast!
10. We (have) ______________breakfast when she walked into the room.
11. I (still, eat) ___________ when the waitress took my plate.
12. When Jane (do) _________ a language course in Ireland, ......
13. We (not/watch) _________________ the match very carefully, so we missed the winning goal by Benson.
14. My sister and I (not/like) _________________ my aunt when we were little. She wasn't very nice to us.
15. When Rose met Bob, she (think) _______________ he was very charming.
16. A: Was Paula here this morning?
B: No, she wasn't. She (visit)__________ her friend in hospital.
17. A: We started our company only six months ago.
B: Really? I (not/know) ______________ that.
18. While we (stay) ___________ with my grandparents, we found a big box of family photographs.
19. When I saw Simon last week, he was carrying five big plastic bags. They (contain) _________ lots of old clothes and shoes that he wanted to throw away.
20. I (not/listen) _____________ to Kate and Rachel's conversation, but then suddenly I heard my name.
21. (You / wait) __________ for a bus when I saw you last night?
22. Andy (hurt)__________ his knee while he was playing tennis.

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