Prepositional Phrases

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1. After the movie the group of teenagers went to McDonalds for a burger.
2. Without sugar the blueberries were too sour for the dinner guests.
3. Sally worked from midnight to noon on her science project.
4. Over the river and through the woods to grandfather’s house we go.
5. He ate three boxes of popcorn with butter during the movie.
6. Despite his fear of water Jack saved the drowning puppy.
7. Janet took her lunch with her to the seminar.
8. At the Country Fair the child with the freckles won the talent contest.
9. For breakfast she likes bananas with strawberries.
10. Down the dark alley the cat chased a rat with long whiskers.
11. The police searched throughout the apartment complex for the escaped criminal.
12. During the summer Gordie fishes under the large oak tree beside Silver Creek.
13. By noon Jimmy decided a nap on the hammock would be nice.
14. Geese live in flocks while cattle live among herds.
15. Around the world music brings together people of all nationalities.
16. He likes movies about war; she prefers movies with a romantic theme.
17. Away from home for the first time Mary wrote numerous letters to her family.
18. Mud squished beneath her feet as Ann walked through the woods during a rainstorm.
19. The sculptures above the entrance were designed by a nineteenth century artist.
20. Inside the auditorium a group of dancers were practicing.

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