To Check your understanding of the Present Simple and Present Progressive, take this quiz. Do not hesitate to ask questions, and if you have special requests, please contact us by sending us an email to info@pole-prepa.fr or call us on for more information about our English classes.


The First two are done and explained for you:

ex. Julia is very good at languages. She  ......speaks......... 4 languages fluently. (It is a fact about Julia that she can speak four languages)

ex. Hurry up! Everybody .....is waiting...... (wait) for you. (Right now and at the moment of speaking everyone is waiting. )

Now, you can start the quiz.


1. Quiet please! I (write) ________ a test.
2. She usually (walk) ___________________ to school.
3. But look! Today she (go) ___________________by bike.
4. but today she (sit) _____________ in the last row.
5. She (wear) _____________ a raincoat and willies
6. and she (carry) ___________ an umbrella.
7. My mother (make) __________ breakfast now.
8. Usually I enjoy parties, but I ___________ (not/enjoy) this one very much.
1. I (live) ______________ in Seattle for five years.

10. I must go now. It __________ (get) late.

11. The River Nile _________ (flow) into the Mediterranean.

13. Don’t put the dictionary away. I ___________(need) it

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