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Subject-Verb Agreement : Formation et Cours Anglais à Lyon

A prepositional phrase could be used to modify the noun,

Example: One of my friends (was, were) absent yesterday. 

The subject of the sentence is One not friends, so the verb must agree with it. 

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If the subject is a collective noun, we have to read the whole sentence to know if we are talking about the whole goup as one entity or as many individuals. 

  • The Family is gathered in the kitchen. 
  • The family are in their rooms. 

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If the subject is here or there, the verb will agree with the noun that comes after it. Here and There are not real subjects. 

  • There is a book on thetable. 
  • There are books on the table. 
  • Where is the book? 
  • Where are the books? 

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If the subjec tis an indefinite pronoun, we have to decide if the indefinte pronoun is singular or prural. 

  • Both are here. 
  • Either is here. 
  • Neither is here. 
  • Everyone is here. 
  • All are here. 

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